Intelligent Document and Data Capture Solutions. When, Why and How?

Are you looking at improving the efficiency of a document centric business process? Then you are in the right place. In this post I am going to share with you how to work smarter with documents than harder. Documents are integral part of most business processes . Some of the common processes where efficient document control and processing brings greater efficiencies and cost reductions are:


  1. Accounts Payable
  2. HR OnBoarding
  3. Case Management
  4. Contract Management
  5. Loan Processing

Whether it is paper or a electronic document, Intelligent document and Data Capture is a technique of automatically extracting business data fields from documents. Capturing documents at the point of origination and delivering metadata rich content into the Enterprise Content Management system is the first most important step involve in enterprise information management lifecycle.

While there are variety of business documents in different formats,for the purpose of content processing we can broadly categorised them into 3 different workloads.


                Structured Document                                     Semi Structured Document                                  Unstructured Document


  1. Structured Documents: Structured documents has a fixed layout. Application forms, Health assessment forms, Survey forms, most government public forms belongs to this category. This types of documents are captured for processing and the data are delivered to downstream systems of records
  2. Semi Structured Documents: Most business to business transactional content such as invoices, order forms belongs to this category. This type of documents are captured for processing. Often the data contain in this type of documents needs to be validated and delivered to the ERP system for completing the transactions.
  3. Unstructured Documents: 80% of business documents are unstructured and glowing 3 times faster than other categories. most HR, Legal, Contractual and Regulatory documents belongs to this category. Unstructured documents needs to be indexed and catalogued correctly against the right entity (i.e. Digital HR folder, Digital Patient folder, Digital case file etc.) for ease of findability and compliance reasons.

Even with a document management system, data entry and filing can still be expensive. Manually sorting paper and electronic documents for processing, then applying metadata and creating folder structures to file them in, can often require full-time staff dedicated to electronic data entry and filing.

Laserfiche Quick Fields transforms capture and indexing into an efficient process, helping you reclaim time and money for other important activities.

Designed for high-volume environments, Laserfiche Quick Fields' production-level tools automatically capture precise pieces of information from paper and electronic documents, turning unstructured information into a viable, actionable resources. By improving the speed and accuracy of repetitive manual processes, Laserfiche Quick Fields also helps you conserve staff time and IT resources.

Automatically Populate Metadata



Once you’ve sorted and identified your documents, Laserfiche Quick Fields enables you to automate the processes required to get the most value from the information you’ve collected. Laserfiche Quick Fields extracts the precise pieces of information you need from paper forms, electronic documents and databases, then uses that information to categorize and organize unstructured data. You increase your operating speed and effectiveness while reducing the time spent transferring information between applications.

Dynamically Stored Document

  • Improve the accuracy of newly captured information by comparing it with data from other applications.
  • Use extracted data from barcodes, document content and customizable areas of forms to automatically name, index and assign metadata to documents, kick start a Workflow process or interact with a Workflow already in process.
  • Support all Laserfiche 8 field types, including multi-value fields and fields independent from templates.
  • Conserve network bandwidth by automatically transferring processed documents to the Laserfiche repository at scheduled intervals.


Hope this post helps you understand the power of document and data capture solution and how it helps you improving the visibility and control of a document centric business process. Now if you need help with any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us and we are glad to help you navigate in the right direction.